Source: League of Women Voters

Creating Awareness

When Americans vote early, they ensure that last minute problems will not prevent them from casting their ballots – and help shorten voting lines on Election Day for everyone. But voting early rules – both for in-person and by-mail options – vary widely all over the country, causing confusion and preventing voters from casting their ballots. We’re here to make voting early easier. Given our current conditions with COVID-19, having multiple options to safely cast your ballot is critical.

Celebrating Community

Vote Early Day is a collaboration among media companies, nonprofits, technology platforms, election administrators, influencers, and other businesses to help all eligible voters learn about their early voting options and celebrate the act of voting early. This collaborative, open-source model - similar to Giving Tuesday and National Voter Registration Day - will ensure that millions more Americans take advantage of their options to vote early.

Who can vote early? State-by-state.

(Map updated as of October 1, 2020)

Over 200 million Americans have options to vote before Election Day with no excuse needed!

Excuse Required (Such as Work or Travel) to Vote Early
Ballots Mailed to All Registered Voters
Ballots May Be Requested In-Person or By Mail By Any Voter Without an Excuse
Ballots May Be Requested In-Person or By Mail By Any Voter, An Excuse is Required For Mail

Saturday, October 24, 2020 is the first-ever Vote Early Day.

Two days after the final presidential debate and ten days before Election Day, Vote Early Day occurs just as the nation as a whole fully tunes into the election and is ready to learn about their voting options.

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Leadership & Advisors

  • Sec. Alex Padilla
    California Secretary of State
  • Sec. Brad Raffensperger
    Georgia Secretary of State
  • Matt Singer
    Founder of National Voter Registration Day
  • Noopur Agarwal*
  • Vaughan Bagley*
  • Crystal Barnes*
  • Brianna Cayo Cotter*
  • Marissa Corrente*
    Students Learn Students Vote Coalition
  • Bridget Coyne*
  • Emilce Elgarresta*
  • Ronald Estrada*
  • Tiana Epps-Johnson*
    Center for Tech & Civic Life
  • Molly Fitzpatrick
    Boulder County Clerk and Recorder (Colorado)
  • Sofia Gross*
  • Ricky Hatch
    Weber County Clerk/Auditor (Utah)
  • Steven Levine*
    Civic Alliance
  • Whitney May*
    Center for Tech & Civic Life
  • Najma Roberts
    Democracy Fund
  • Adam Robinson*
  • Maddy Roth*
    CAA Foundation
  • Yadira Sanchez*
    Poder Latinx
  • Ashley Spillane
  • Natalie Tran*
    CAA Foundation
  • Clarissa Unger*
    Students Learn Students Vote Coalition
  • Mike Ward*
    Civic Alliance
  • Jessica Yellin
    Founder #NewsNotNoise/ @JessicaYellin
  • Maxwell Zorick*
  • Joey Wozniak
    Vote Early Day
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Contact / Donate

Vote Early Day is a holiday for all Americans supported by a project at New Venture Fund. Please contact us via this form for any reason, including for information on how to donate to the effort.

If you have encountered a problem with voting, please call this national nonpartisan hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE.