Influencer and Ambassadors Toolkit

The Vote Early Day Impact

Vote Early Day is a nonpartisan movement of thousands of media companies, businesses, nonprofits, election administrators, and creatives working to ensure all Americans have the tools to vote early. This holiday is a tentpole moment for partners of all stripes to engage with voters and urge them to cast their ballots early.

The 2023 elections feature mostly local and municipal races in neighborhoods across the nation, with voters deciding who will control governors’ mansions, mayor’s offices, and other important offices depending on your state. Election years like 2023 don’t usually draw much attention, but they should. Local leaders tend to have the most noticeable impact on their communities which is why voting in these races is so important. During the 2020 presidential election, over 100 million Americans voted early—more than 2016 and 2018 combined. Now, as we approach another presidential election, we must do what we can to ensure all eligible Americans are practicing to navigate voting this year to avoid any issues next year. With your help, we make this move toward voting early the trend rather than just a momentary blip of civic engagement.

Vote Early Day is a central moment for a wide range of partners (many non-traditional to the civic space) to engage with voters and urge them to vote early. Our collaboration of diverse partners allows us to engage in places beyond where voters are used to seeing election messages. This allows us to break through the noise and meet voters where they are.

Where You Come In

As a Vote Early Day influencer/ambassador, we need your help to let Americans know how voting early is simple and helps voters overcome barriers to casting a ballot. We have all the tools ready to help Americans cast their ballot ahead of Election Day, and now all we need are leaders like you to amplify our message. You are a trusted source of information for your audience, which make you the perfect person to break down the importance of voting early in 2023. Your participation on Vote Early Day this year can make all the difference in your fans making their voices heard this fall!

Spread the Word on Vote Early Day (Thursday, October 26)

Help celebrate Vote Early Day and Americans’ opportunities to vote early on October 26 by posting nonpartisan messages on your social channels and sharing your story with a video. Check out the sample social posts, graphics, and video scripts below. Always feel free to put this language in your voice. You know how to engage your followers the best.

Social Media Posts and Stories

Post a selfie (with your sealed ballot, at an early voting site, or just being stoked about voting) or use one of our fun graphics to let your followers know how they can cast their ballot ahead of Election Day. We’ve got a sample social media copy below, or use your own words to share why you are voting early.

Make sure to use #VoteEarlyDay and send people to our website ( to connect voters with the resources they need to cast a ballot.

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Post:

It’s finally #VoteEarlyDay! Let’s celebrate, America 🙌 Still need some help so you’re #VoteReady? @VoteEarlyDay has you covered!

💻 Head to
🔍 Find out when and where you can vote today
🗳️ Go cast your ballot!
🎉 Celebrate

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Post:

Today is #VoteEarlyDay! Hundreds of state, local, and municipal seats are up for grabs this year, the Americans the serve have the ability to vote ahead of Election Day by mail or in person. Join me in celebrating @VoteEarlyDay by finding out how you can vote early at

Instagram/Facebook Story:

It’s @VoteEarlyDay all across America!

Find out where you can vote early at:
[Link Sticker:]