Business Media Advisory

Business Media Advisory

The day before your Vote Early Day event, send out a media advisory letting the press know about your plans so they can attend and cover your celebration. 

Date: October 28, 2024

Media Contacts:

Contact: [Your Point of Contact]

Email: [Email]

[Position in Organization]

[Business] to Celebrate Vote Early Day Tomorrow with [Most Press-Worthy Part of Your Event] to Ensure Voters Can Make their Voices Heard

WHO: [Business and Any Partners]

WHAT: A celebration of Vote Early Day with [your event’s activities]

WHEN: October 29 from [time frame]

WHERE:  [event location]

WHY:  Vote Early Day is a holiday celebrated by thousands of partners across the nation to empower Americans to vote early and celebrate the act of casting a ballot. [Business] is dedicated to [your values], and that is why we believe we need every voice to be heard in elections. By joining the Vote Early Day movement, [Business] will provide voters in our community a fun and concrete reason to cast their ballot early. This will ensure voters have the time to overcome any potential obstacles to casting their ballot and participate in our democracy. 

VISUALS: [Enter any visuals (such as a banner or big display) that will be present at the event that will make for good video or photos]

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If you have encountered a problem with voting, please call this national nonpartisan hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE.