Business Sample Social Media Posts

Business Sample Social Media Posts

Use #VoteEarlyDay in every post! #VoteEarly and #VoteReady are good hashtags to include too. Also, make sure to tag us in every post so we can amplify our national audience!

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Use these sample posts to accompany our Vote Early Day graphics and any other content you want to share about voting early! We’ve included posts for both your specific activation and for sharing resources for voting early more generally—use whichever messages work best for your celebration and your mission. 

Social Media Tips & Tricks

  • These posts are just samples to provide inspiration. Please feel free to personalize the message to fit your style and your voice. 
  • Social media is a great way to raise awareness of how many people are voting early. Encourage your audience to post selfies with their “I voted” stickers and share stories about why voting is important to them. This creates a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) for anyone who hasn’t voted yet and will make them want to join the crowd in casting their ballot early!
  • Include #VoteEarlyDay in every post to amplify your message to a national audience. 
  • Include a “call to action” in every post. This can include RSVP info for your celebration or a link to Vote Early Day’s online voter tool where people can find their options to vote early and make a plan to vote.
  • Use photos and videos (especially ones that feature people) as much as possible. Social media platforms prioritize these posts in their algorithms, so they’ll be circulated to a wider audience. 
  • Don’t wait until Vote Early Day to start posting about voting early! We’ve included sample messages for the weeks leading up to October 26 so people will be prepared with the tools they need to cast their ballot on Vote Early Day.

Announcement Posts

Audience: general public, other organizations interested in partnering with Vote Early Day

Announce your Vote Early Day celebration and recruit other organizations to join the Vote Early Day movement.

  • Drop a 🙌 in the comments because @[Business] just RSVP’d to the #VoteEarlyDay Celebration on October 29! Millions of Americans can cast their ballot early this fall, and we want to ensure everyone is ready. Join us today:
  • Voting early ensures that last-minute issues, long lines at the polls, and unclear election laws can’t deter YOU from voting. Join @[Business] as we celebrate #VoteEarlyDay on October 26. Access all the tools you need to vote early:

Advertising the Activation

Audience: member of the public you want to come to your activation

Use these posts to advertise your celebration and give people the sign-up link to attend.

  • Now this calls for its own celebration – @[Business] is making sure YOUR voice is HEARD this election season by joining the #VoteEarlyDay movement! Join in the fun with us on October 26 at [location] for [brief description of activation]. Sign up here: [sign-up link for your activation]
  • Listen up, voters! @[Business] is STOKED to celebrate #VoteEarlyDay, and they want you to join in the fun! Make sure your voice is heard and sign up: [sign-up link for your activation]

Public Awareness & Voting Plans

Audience: general public

In the weeks leading up to Vote Early Day, make sure your audience has the tools and knowledge they need to cast their ballot ahead of Election Day.

  • Voting is a must. Don’t put it off! Find out where, when, and how to cast your ballot ahead of Election Day at and make sure you’re #VoteReady. #VoteEarlyDay 
  • Are you voting in person or by mail? Where are you casting your ballot? When? How are you getting there? Don’t have any of these questions answered yet? Don’t stress! Everything YOU need to be #VoteReady is at #VoteEarlyDay

October 28 | Vote Early Day Eve

Audience: general public, people attending your activation

Use these posts to get people excited about the Vote Early Day celebrations tomorrow!

  • Say HOORAY! We are ONE DAY away 🥳 #VoteEarlyDay is tomorrow and we hope you’ll join us [brief description of your celebration]. RSVP here: [link]
  • Halloween might be around the corner, but there’s nothing scary 👻 about our #VoteEarlyDay celebration! Make sure you’re #VoteReady tomorrow by double checking your options for voting early:

October 29 | Vote Early Day

Audience: general public, people attending your activation

Today’s the day! Share how you are celebrating Vote Early Day and make sure your audience makes their voices heard.

  • Let’s get out and celebrate, America 🙌 It’s finally #VoteEarlyDay! Still need some help so you’re #VoteReady? @[Business] and our friends at #VoteEarlyDay have you covered!
    • ☑️ Head to 
    • ☑️ Find out when and where you can vote today
    • ☑️ Go cast your ballot! 
    • ☑️ Celebrate 🎉
  • We wanna see those #VoteEarlyDay selfies! Tag us in your posts and stories as you celebrate casting that ballot EARLY 📸

October 30 and beyond | Wrapping Up

Audience: general public

Let people know that they still have opportunities to cast their ballot ahead of Election Day, and encourage them to share about their experience voting early.

  • What a DAY! We loved celebrating #VoteEarlyDay with all of you ✅ Thank you for being part of this fantastic movement and making sure your voice was heard. Drop a comment and let us know why voting early was important to you!
  • Fashionably late to the #VoteEarlyDay celebration? Don’t fret. You still have time to join the millions of Americans who have already cast their ballot! Learn more about your options to #VoteEarly at

If you have encountered a problem with voting, please call this national nonpartisan hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE.