Campus Logistics Confirmation Email

Campus Logistics Confirmation Email

Audience: recruited volunteers     

Make sure that your volunteers are ready for the big day! Follow up with a reminder, and give them any last-minute details about where to meet and what to expect. 

Subject line: Final Reminders for Tomorrow’s Vote Early Day Celebration

Hi [Name], 

Thank you for signing up to volunteer with [Campus/Student Group] for Vote Early Day! I’m reaching out to confirm your shift tomorrow at [time (we recommend 30 minutes to an hour before event attendees arrive)]. Here are a few more details:

Location: [address]

Directions: [include driving/parking directions and where to meet at the venue]

Volunteers will be [brief description of volunteer role and expectations]. 


Volunteers will be responsible for helping set up and take down our table. During the event, you’ll speak with voters and help them fill out their “make a plan to vote” postcards. Since the event will be outside, we ask that you come dressed for the weather. We’ll provide all the materials you’ll need when you arrive, and we’ll do a brief training to make sure you’re comfortable answering voters’ questions. 

Vote Early Day is a nonpartisan holiday, so we ask that you refrain from wearing any campaign materials or supporting or opposing any candidate while volunteering.  

If you have any questions or are unable to make your shift tomorrow, please let us know at [your contact info]. 

Thank you for volunteering with [Campus/Student Group]! Your support will be key to a successful celebration, and we’re grateful for your help empowering voters in our community to vote early.

See you tomorrow!

[Sender Name]

If you have encountered a problem with voting, please call this national nonpartisan hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE.