Campus Post-Event Press Release

Campus Post-Event Press Release

After your Vote Early Day celebration, send out a press release to let the media know about your success! This will boost your reputation in your community and remind anyone who wasn’t able to attend your event that they still have time to cast their ballot early. 

For Immediate Release

Date: October 30, 2024

Media Contacts:

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[Campus/Student Group] Celebrates Vote Early Day with [Most Press-Worthy Part of Your Event

Student leaders joined a national movement to help ensure that [students/faculty/community members] can make their voices heard in [insert election here] election

CITY, STATE — Yesterday, [Campus/Student Group] hosted a [your event] to celebrate Vote Early Day. Through a [brief description of event], [# of attendees] were able to [cast their ballot/make a plan to vote/pledge to vote] in the [insert election here] election. 


SMITHVILLE, IL – Yesterday, Student Vote at Smithville University put on a concert headlined by Nick Celebrity to celebrate Vote Early Day. By hosting the concert outside the campus location to vote early and giving each attendee materials about voting, over 300 students were able to cast their ballot in the special election.



“I had a great time hanging out with my friends at the concert outside of Kimmel Hall,” said Chris Student, a sophomore at Example University. “I didn’t even know that we could vote early on campus, so I’m really glad Student Vote encouraged us to go cast our ballot in Kimmel after the concert!”

Vote Early Day is a holiday celebrated by thousands of partners across the nation to empower Americans to vote early and celebrate the act of casting a ballot. This is the [first/second/third/fourth] year that [Campus/Student Group] has participated in this annual celebration. 



“Student Vote wanted to celebrate Vote Early Day because we know that things often come up on Election Day that get in the way of students casting their ballot,” said Sarah Voter, the president of Student Vote. “By giving people a fun reason to vote early, we’re making sure that everyone has the opportunity to make their voices heard!”

[Campus/Student Group] reminds those who have not yet cast their ballot in the upcoming election that there are still opportunities to do so before Election Day. Learn more at  


About [Campus/Student Group]

[brief paragraph about your organization and your mission]

About Vote Early Day

Vote Early Day is a nonpartisan movement of media companies, businesses, nonprofits, election administrators, and creatives working to ensure all Americans have the tools to cast their ballot early. Created in 2020, Vote Early Day has brought thousands of national and local partners together in celebration and activation to increase the number of people voting early. This collaborative, open-source model—similar to Giving Tuesday and National Voter Registration Day—ensures that millions more Americans take advantage of their options to vote early.

If you have encountered a problem with voting, please call this national nonpartisan hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE.