Campus Sample Vote Early Day Eve Posts

Campus Sample Vote Early Day Eve Posts


Use these sample posts with Vote Early Day graphics. Personalize these sample posts to your voice and share any other content you want to include about why you are voting early!

Be sure to check out our social media tips and tricks to learn best practices. Use #VoteEarlyDay and tag us (@VoteEarlyDay) in every post so we can amplify our national audience!

October 28 | Vote Early Day Eve

Audience: general public, people attending your activation

Use these posts to get people excited about the Vote Early Day celebrations tomorrow!

  • Forget ghosts and ghouls – the real scare is missing out on #VoteEarlyDay! Get hyped for tomorrow’s celebration and ensure you’re #VoteReady by checking your options at We will be [brief description of your celebration] at [time] at [location]. RSVP here: [sign-up link for your activation]. Let’s make democracy spooktacular together! 🎃👻 #NoVoteNoBoo

  • 🔥📚 Hey, [School Mascot]! 🎶 Pump up the jam, it’s #VoteEarlyDay tomorrow! 🎶 Let’s show the world that our generation knows how to slay the polls like we slay our class assignments! 📝💥 Don’t let FOMO get you down – come join the party and let’s make our voices heard loud and proud. Check out 🗣️ #VoteEarlyDay #GenZPower

If you have encountered a problem with voting, please call this national nonpartisan hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE.