Government Activation Partner Recruitment

Government Activation Partner Recruitment

Audience: leaders of community groups, nonprofits, businesses, and other organizations who could potentially join your activation

As you build your activation, bring in partner organizations from your community to expand your reach. Use this recruitment email to introduce your plans for Vote Early Day and start a dialogue for collaboration. 

Subject line: Partner with [Government/Election Office] to Celebrate Vote Early Day!

Hello [Name], 

I’m reaching out to ask [Organization Name] to join [Government/Election Office] in celebrating Vote Early Day this year!

Vote Early Day is a civic holiday started by media companies, nonprofits, technology platforms, election administrators, influencers, and businesses to give voters the tools and knowledge they need to cast their ballot early in a fun and engaging way. Through this tentpole day of action, organizations across the country are coming together to help Americans vote early and celebrate our democracy.

When Americans vote early, they ensure that last-minute problems and long lines at the polls can’t stop them from casting their ballot. Millions of Americans have options to vote ahead of Election Day by mail or in person, and we’re excited to be hosting an event to help ensure [your community] voters have the tools they need to cast their ballot early.

This year, Vote Early Day is scheduled for October 29th, the Tuesday before Halloween. [Government/Election Office] is joining the movement to celebrate Vote Early Day by [insert activation plan], and we’d love to have you join us. We think you’d be a great fit by helping out with [best way for them to help].

Celebrating Vote Early Day would give [Organization Name] an opportunity to [how they would benefit from the celebration and contribute to the community].


Celebrating Vote Early Day would give Smithville Books an opportunity to empower Smithville voters, get your store’s name out to a larger audience, and be part of a nationwide celebration. 

I will follow up by phone with you soon to talk more about what our collaboration could look like. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

All the best, 

[Sender Name]

If you have encountered a problem with voting, please call this national nonpartisan hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE.